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Tlamachtiliztli 9 Teixmatcacuahuitl (The Family)


In this lesson we will look at the possessive markers, once more, and we will introduce the family system. In the same way that parts of the body can be possessed, the personal names of family members can be possessed using the possessive markers. For example:

nan – tli     “mother”

  no – nanan – ø     “my mother”



Tlamanextilli ica cequin motocaxtilli tlen quipoz iteco (Examples with some possessive pronouns)


  noconeuh     “my child”

  moconeuh     “your child”

  iconeuh     “his/her child”

  toconehuan     “our children”

  inmoconehuan     “your (plural) children”

  ininconehuan     “their children”



nochocho     “my younger sibling”

mochocho     “your younger sibling”

ichocho     “his/her younger sibling”

tochochohuan     “our younger siblings”

inmochochohuan     “your (plural) younger siblings”

ininchochohuan     “their younger siblings”



notlayi     “my uncle”

motlayi     “your uncle”

itlayi     “his/her uncle”

totlayihuan     “our uncles”

inmotlayihuan     “your (plural) uncles”

inintlayihuan     “their uncles”



noicniuh     “my sibling”

moicniuh     “your sibling”

iicniuh     “his/her sibling”

toicnihuan     “our siblings”

inmoicnihuan     “you all’s siblings”

ininicnihuan     “their siblings”



nomachicniuh     “my cousin”

momachicniuh     “your cousin”

imachicniuh     “his/her cousin”

tomachicnihuan     “our cousins”

inmomachicnihuan     “your (plural) cousins”

ininmachicnihuan     “their cousins”

Yancuic Tlahtolli tlen TlamachtiliztliNew vocabulary

We will learn the vocabulary for family members.

Image CC BY Open Clip Art, labels added


  Na     “I”

  nototatah    “my grandfather”

  notonanan     “my grandmother”


Image CC BY Open Clip Art, labels added

  notatah     “my father”

  nonanan     “my mother”

noicniuh     “my sibling”


Image CC BY Ed Yourdon, labels added

  nomimi     “my older brother”

  nopipi     “my older sister”

nochocho     “my younger sibling”

  nochocho cihuatl     “my younger sister”

  nochocho tlacatl     “my younger brother”

  notlayi     “my uncle”

  notlayihuan     “my uncles”

  noahui     “my aunt”

  noahuihuan     “my aunts”

  nomachicniuh     “my cousin”

  nomachicnihuan     “my cousins”

  nohuez     “my sister-in-law” (woman to woman)

  nohuezhuan     “my sisters-in-law” (woman to woman)

  nohuehpol     “my brother-in-law” (woman to man)

  nohuehpolhuan     “my brothers-in-law” (woman to man)

  notex     “my brother-in-law” (man to man)

  notexhuan     “my brothers-in-law” (man to man)

  nomachconeuh     “my nephew/niece”

  nomachconehuan     “my nephews/nieces”

  noixhuiuh     “my grandchild”

  noixhuihuan     “my grandchildren”

  notepotznanan     “my step-mother”

  notepotztatah     “my step-father”

  notepotzicniuh     “my step-sibling”

Chantequitl tlen momachtianihPractice for Students

Answer the following questions

  1. Queniuhqui inintocah mototatahhuan?
  2. Queniuhqui inintocah motatahhuan?
  3. Queniuhquin inintocah moicnihuan huan quezqui xihuitl quipiyah?
  4. Quezqui mopipihuan ticpiya?
  5. Quezqui momimihuan ticpiya?
  6. Quezqui mochochohuan ticpiya?


Find the following words in this word search.

  1. Teixmatcacuahuitl
  2. Nototatahhuan
  3. Notatah
  4. Nonanan
  5. Notlayi
  6. Noahui
  7. Noicniuh
  8. Nomimi
  9. Nopipi
  10. Nochocho
t k s a w q r p d x a t u c s b g v p o
p e q e a b y l k ñ v e t e t e y u n u
n o i c n i u h i o p a e s w c t h b w
a r d x u k o c h o l s s a e r y i d u
w q e r m e y u n k ñ i e r s f v h e e
q w r i y a g j o p ñ y r w a y j g o p
p o i u n o t a t a h q w e r t y u i o
y t r e o w q c l w q r a s d f g h n h
q w e r t u i o a p o j h g y f h p o l
a d f h o j k o y c l j h g b m l ñ c o
p o k e t o p u i s u a b i e l p y h a
t e l o a d e s a k o a m p o i w a o b
a s c b t l k j i y i g h t r e u o c p
e r s d a z c h i o p o f u v c t u h a
p u t i h u i o p u r d s e i m i m o n
q w e r h g h j k l ñ o p i u t y t r e
z x c v u b n m ñ n k j h g f d l s a a
o m e x a v n a w o a s j d h e r t y i
a o i p n o n a n a n t r e y s o p m k
e a r s g j k i o h q w r e t y u i o p
n k j h g f d s a u w e r t y u u i i y
m n b v c x n o p i p i x c z s d f g h