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Tlamachtiliztli 2 Tlahtlaniliztli (Questions)



In this lesson you will learn a number of helpful phrases and questions that you can use in class. These include asking for things, phrases the teacher will use, and phrases you can use when you need clarification.

Here is a word of encouragement! Try to use these important questions and phrases in class. You will learn faster and attain a better handle of pronunciation when you use Nahuatl to communicate with your teacher and your classmates.


A: Piyali tlamachtihquetl.
B: Piyali momachtihquetl.
A: ¿Hueliz nipano?
B: Quena, xipano, ximocehui.

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A: Hello, good day teacher.

B: Hello, good day student.

A: Can I come in?

B: Yes come in, sit.

Yancuic Tlahtolli tlen TlamachtiliztliNew vocabulary

Totlahtlaniliz huan totlahtol tlen ica tlamachtiliztli (Our questions and phrases for class)


  quena     “yes”

  axcanah     “no”

  itztoc     “it’s here”

  tlamachtihquetl     “teacher”

  momachtihquetl     “student”

  huapaltlahcuilolli     “white/black board”

  Nimitztlahpaloz     “Greetings to you”



  Xicalaqui     “Enter”

  Xipano     “Come in”

  Xicatlapo     “Open the door”

  Xicaltzacua     “Close the door”

  Xipanquiza     “Go out”

  Xiquihto     “Say it”

  Xiquihtocan     “You all say it”

  Xicchihua     “Do it”

  Xiquihcuilo     “Write it”

  Ximoquetza     “Stand up, On your feet”

  Ximoquetzacan     “You all stand up, You all on your feet”

  Ximocehui     “Sit down”

  Ximocehuican     “You all sit down”

  Xiquittacan inmoamox     “Look at your book”

  Zampa     “Again”

  Zampa xiquihto     “Say it again”


Questions and answers

  Nicpiya ce tlahtlaniliztli     “I have a question”

   ¿Inquipiyah ce tlahtlaniliztli?     “Do you all have a question?”

     Axniccuamachilia     “I do not understand”

  Axniquillamiqui     “I do not remember”

  ¿Canin?     “Where?”

  ¿Quemman?     “When?”

  ¿Quezqui?     “How much?”

  ¿Tlen?     “What?”

  ¿Quenque?     “Why?”

  ¿Queniuhqui?     “How?”

  ¿Acquiya?     “Who?”

  ¿Queniuhcapan?     “How much?”

  ¿Catlinya?     “Which?”

  ¿Canin tiitztoc?     “Where are you?”

  Nican niitztoc     “I am here”

  ¿Hueliz niquiza ce tlatoctzin?     “Can I go out for a moment?”

  Tlamachtihquetl, ¿hueliz nipano?     “Teacher, can I come in?”