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Tlamachtiliztli 10 Notlachiyaliz (My Appearance)


In this lesson, we will learn about our appearance in the Nahuatl language.

Sones de Carnaval CC BY Chicometepetl

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We will learn about statures and hair colors


Alaxtic huan huehueyac (Straight and long)


Chihchinohtic (Curly)



Tlamanextilli tlen yancuic tlahtolli huan pameh (Examples of new words and sentences)

  /Ax-/     “No” (prefix)

Na niechcapantzin     “I am short”

  Na axniechcapantzin     “I am not short”


  /Nel-/     “Very” (prefijo)

Na nihuahcapantic     “I am tall”

  Na nelnihuahcapantic     “I am very tall”


  /Tlahuel/     “Very”

Na niazacatic     “I am tall and thin”

  Na tlahuel niazacatic     “I am very tall and thin”


  /Achi/     “A little”

Na nitomahuac     “I am thick/fat”

  Na achi nitomahuac     “I am a little thick/fat”


/Axnel-/     “Not very” (prefijo)

Na nihuahcapantic     “I am tall”

  Na axnelnihuahcapantic     “I am not very tall”

  Na axnelnitomahuac     “I am not very thick/fat”


/Axtlahuel/     “Not very”

Na niazacatic     “I am thin”

  Na axtlahuel niazacatic     “I am not very thin”

  Na axtlahuel nitomahuac     “I am not very thick/fat”


Tequitl ce: Xiquiihtoa cehcen iixnezca (Activity One: Say the appearance of each one)

María ¿Queniuhqui motlachiyaliz ta?

Na nelnihuahcapantic huan achi nitomahuac.

Xochitl, ¿Queniuhqui motlachiyaliz ta?

Na ni ____________________.

¿Queniuhqui itlachiyaliz ya?

Ya ______________________.


Tequitl ome: Xiquiihtoa cehcen iixnezca itzoncal (Activity Two: Say the hair color of each one)


yayahuic chocoxtic cafentic chichiltic
Xochitl Lola María Delia


¿Tlen iixnezca itzoncal Xochitl? (¿What color is the hair of Xochitl?)

—Xochitl iixnezca itzoncal yayahuic. (The hair of Xochitl is the color black)


¿Tlen iixnezca itzoncal Lola?


¿Tlen iixnezca itzoncal María?


¿Tlen iixnezca itzoncal Delia?


Tequitl eyi: Xiquiihtoa cehcen iixnezca iixtiyol (Activity Three: Say the eye color of each one)

Delia iixnezca iixtiyol xoxoctic
Xochitl iixnezca iixtiyol cafentic
Lola iixnezca iixtiyol tzictic
Noixnezca noixtiyol yayahuic


1.     Na noixtiyol iixnezca xoxoctic.

2.     Lola ___________ iixnezca __________.

3.     Xochitl ___________ iixnezca ___________.

4.     Delia iixtiyol _________ __________.


Yancuic Tlahtolli tlen TlamachtiliztliNew vocabulary


motlachiyaliz     “our appearance”

  ax-     “no” (prefix)

  axcanah     “no”

  nel-     “very, much, a lot” (prefix)

  tlahuel     “very, much, a lot”

  achi     “a little”

  huehueyac     “long”

  cototzin     “short”

  miac     “much”

  quentzin     “a little”

  hueyi     “big”

  alaxtic     “straight, smooth”

  chihchinohtic     “curly”

  cuehcuentic     “wavy”

  yahualtic     “round”

  cuahuehueyac     “oval-shaped”

hauhcapantic     “tall” (of stature)

echcapantzin     “short” (of stature)

zancualli     “to measurement”

tomahuac     “thick, fat”

azacatic     “tall and thin”

  notzoncal     “my hair”

  yayahuic     “black”

chocoxtic     “amarillo”

  cafentic     “brown”

  chichiltic     “red”

  xoxoctic     “green”

  tzictic     “blue”

Chantequitl tlen momachtianihPractice for Students


In one paragraph: describe your appearance in accordance with the descriptions above (How you are physically, the color of your hair, and the color of your eyes).