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Tlamachtiliztli 30 -zquia, -tozquia (The conditional Part 1)


In this lesson, we will learn about conditional with the different four verb types. The conditional is a contemplation of actions that should be completed as is the case with -zquia and those that should have been completed from the past tense with -tozquia. 


We add –zquia to the root of the verb except to those from class 3 with endings on  –ia o –oa  drop the final a, before adding -zquia. Finally,  –zquia is for singular subjects and –zquiah is for plural subjects.


Cequin tlamanextili tlen -zquia // Some examples with -zquia

Maltia / to shower

Nimaltizquia / I should shower / I would shower

Timaltizquia / you should shower / you would shower

Maltizquia / she/he should shower  / he/she would shower

Timaltizquiah / we should shower / we would shower

Inmaltizquiah / you all should shower / you all would shower

Maltizquiah / they should shower /  they would shower

Ej. Naman nimaltizquia zampampa axcanah nimaltiz pampa tlahuel tlaceceya. // I should shower or I would shower but I cannot shower because it is cold.

choca – nichocazquia / I would cry

itta – niquittazquia / I would see

oni – ticonizquiah /  We would drink

cuapa – nicuapazquia / I would return


We add -tozquia to the verbs in the class  1, 2, and 4 when time is stative verbs  –toc in its singular form and  –toqueh in the plural. Class 3 verbs that end in –ia and -oa drop the final vowel a before adding tozquia. Then we add the suffix, –Ø for singular subjects and -h for plural.  –tozquia emphasizes an action that would have been completed from the past. 


Cequin tlamanextili tlen -tozquia // Algunos ejemplos con -tozquia

maltia / to shower

Nimaltihtozquia / I would have showered

Timaltihtozquia  / you would have showered

Imaltihtozquia / he/she would have showered

Timaltihtozquiah / we would have showered

Inmaltihtozquiah / you all would have showered

maltihtozquiah / they would have showered

Ej. Maria imaltihtozquia zampampa axoncayaya atl. // Maria would have showered but there was no water.

maltia – Nimaltihtozquia / I would have showered

oni – niconitozquia  / I would have drank

cuapa – icuaptozquia / She/ he would have returned

itztoc/ tiitztozquiah /  we would have been

Yancuic Tlahtolli tlen TlamachtiliztliNew vocabulary

tlachpana  / to sweep

cua  / to eat

oni / to drink

itta  / to see

tlamachtia / to teach

Chantequitl tlen momachtianihPractice for Students

Write 5 sentences with  -zquia and 5 sentences with  -tozquia. Use the following verbs.