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Tlamachtiliztli 27 Namantzin eltoc tianquiz (There is a Market Right Now)


CC BY Huastekitos Team


Tianquiz ce canahya campa macehualmeh tlen pilaltepetzitzin tlen Chicontepec mocentiliah, cequin tlanamacah huan cequin tlacohuah zo tlapatlah ce tlamantli ica ceyoc. Cequin tianquiz mochihua pan ceyoc pilaltepetzin tlen itocah Cerro Ichcacuatitlan, Tecomate, Tepenahuac, Tlacolula, Pastoria nouhquiya mero Chicontepec.


A. Ahui, ica quezqui ticcahua mochancacah?

B. Chancacah ipatiuh cempohualli huan mahtlactli.

A. Xinechmaca eyi mancuernah.

B. Quena, ¿tlen maz tichuicaz?

A. ¿Quezqui ipatiuh arroz huan moaceyiteh, aa huan iztatl?

B. Aa arroz ica 15 ce kiloh huan aceyiteh 30, huan iztatl 10.

A. Buenoh, xinechmaca ome kiloh arroz, ce kiloh iztatl huan eyi litroh aceyiteh.

B. Quena. Aha nican eltoc.

A. Naman quena, ¿quezqui nimitzhuiquilia?

B. Quena, ica nochi 120.

A. Cualtitoc ahui, tlazcamati.

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The market is a place where Indigenous peoples of the towns of Chicontepec gather, some sell and some buy or trade things for others. Some markets are placed in other towns called Mount Ichcacuatitlan, Tecomate, Tepenahuac, Tlacolula, Pastoria, and also at the very Chicontepec.

Yancuic Tlahtolli tlen TlamachtiliztliNew vocabulary

aceyiteh     “oil”

ahahuilli     “toy”

alahhueno     “mint”

alaxox     “orange”

cahtzotl     “jicama”


camohtli     “yam”

chachapalli     “big bowl”

chacharron     “pork skins”

chichiquilli     “tamales”

chilli     “chilli”

cilchilli     “chilli piquin”

cintli     “corn”

colantoh     “cilantro”

etl     “beans”

ilimon     “lemons”

ipatiuh     “it’s price”

iztatl     “salt”

kiloh     “kilo”

litroh     “liter”

longaniza     “sausage, chorizo”

michin     “fish”

pantzin     “sweet bread”

payoh     “bandana”

pitzonacatl     “pork meat”

piyonacatl     “chicken meat”

polatoh     “plates”

tamachihua     “to weigh” (something or someone)

tecciztli     “eggs”

tlatzquintli     “tied-up herbs/plants”

tomatl     “tomato”

tzopelatl     “sweet water”

xaloh     “jar”

xapon     “soap”

xonacatl     “green onion”

yoyomitl     “clothes”

zacahuilli     “big tamal”

Chantequitl tlen momachtianihPractice for Students

Tequitl ce (Activity One) Create five sentences with the new words from the vocabulary, using different tenses.


Tequitl ome (Activity Two) Link each word with the appropriate description



Cuatlacquetl tolontic, coztic zo xoxoctic, quipiya imixxo, nouhquiya quipiya iyollo, ni tzopelic o cequin quentzin xococ.


Tlamantli cuatlacquetl iixnezca tenextic, neci quence ayohtli zampampa ni moxipehua axcanah motlapana. Ni inacayo iixnezca chipahuac huan momachilia zan acecec.



Cuatlacquetl quentzin pilhuehueyactzin, iixnezca cuahuencho zo camohtic, inacayo iixnezca chipahuac. Ni axcanah mocua xoxohuic pampa monequi momoloniz para ma iucci queuhquinon inacayo eli yamanic, teipan moxipehua huan mocua.


Tlamantli tlachihchihualli ica zoquitl huan axalli, ni zancualli axcanah nelhueyi yon nelcuecuetztzin, macehualli quitequihuia pan tlaixcaz, tlatzoyoniz zo tlamoloniz.


Tlacualiztli zancualli quiquimiltoqueh ica pahpatla, iihtico quipiya tixtli chilli huan piyonacatl zo pitzonacatl.


Tequitl eyi (Activity Three): Write a dialogue on your purchases at the market.