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Tlamachtiliztli 18 Tlen nicamati huan tlen axnicamati (What I Like and Do Not Like)


In this lesson we will learn about “likes” and “dislikes.” We will use the particle “ax-” to negate what we don’t like. For example:

Nicamati     “I like” (something)

Axnicamati     “I do not like” (something)


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Yancuic Tlahtolli tlen TlamachtiliztliNew vocabulary

Tlen nicamati huan axnicamati niccuaz (What I like and not like to eat)

  cuaxilotl     “banana”


  zantiah     “watermelon”


  matzahtli     “pineapple”


  tontolon     “meatball”


  piyonacatl     “chicken meat”


  pitzonacatl     “pork meat”


  chichiquilli     “tamale”


  etl     “bean”


  chilli     “chilli pepper”


  tlaxcalli     “tortilla”


arroz     “rice”


chacahrroh     “pork rind/crackling”


michin     “fish”


chiltlacualli     “mole”


  zacahuilli     “big tamal”


chiltlaxcalli     “chilli quesadilla”


yamaxtli     “big tamal with a whole chicken”


quezo     “quezo”


Tlen nicamati huan axnicamati nicchihuaz (What I like and not like to do)

  Nitlachpana     “I sweep”

  Nitoca     “I plant corn”

  Nitequiti     “I work”

  Nitici     “I grind corn”

  Nitlaxamania     “I grind hominy”

  Nitlacualchihchihua     “I prepare food”

  Niatlacui     “I carry water”

  Niatzehtzeloa     “I spread water on the ground”

  Nitlapahpaca     “I wash the dishes”

  Nimihtotia     “I dance”

  Nichilmola     “I kneed chilli peppers”


Nicamati niccuaz tlacualiztli tentlazcayotl (I like to eat sweet food)


xamitl     “tamal made from sweet corn”


pemolez     “brown sugar cookie”


chalchocolt     “guava”


camohtli tlaneuccalaquilli     “yam”


pantzin     “Mexican sweet bread”


alfejorez     “powdered sugar cookie”


Quen momachilia tlacualli (How food tastes)

  itzatl poyec     “salty salt”

  chocolatl tzopelic huan ahhuiac     “sweet and tasty chocolate”

  cafen totonic     “hot coffee”

  cuaxilotl xoxohuic     “unripe banana”

  cuaxilotl iuccitoc     “ripe banana”

  nieveh ahhuiac     “tasty ice cream”

  chilli cococ     “spicy chilli pepper”

  limon xococ, chichic     “sour, bitter lime”

  Tlacualli acecec quemman axquipiya iztatl.     “The food is tasteless when it does not have salt.”

  totonic     “hot”

  cecec     “cold”

  quentzin totonic     “a little hot”

  axcecec     “it is not cold”

  axtotonic     “it is not hot”

Chantequitl tlen momachtianihPractice for Students

Tequtil ce (Work one): Write a paragraph saying what you like and do not like to eat using the words we learned in this lesson.


Tequitl ome (Work two): Answer the questions using the words for food and tastes, which we learned in this section

1. Queniuhqui ticamati tohtolon?

2. Tlen ticamati ticuaz?

3. Queniuhqui ticachilia iahhuiyaca chiltlacualli?

4. Quenque axticamati chichiquilli?

5. Catlinya tlacualiztli nelticamati?

6. Cafen ticamati totonic zo cecec?